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Hi! I am Libby McKenzie; a perfectionist, book-lover, dog-enthusiast, and most importantly, a dancer! Being a recent graduate of Plainwell High School and a dedicated dancer for the past fourteen years, my life has lead me to begin my next educational journey at Western Michigan University (WMU). As I begin this next chapter of my life, I am super excited about being a dance major at WMU. I am also a big fan of math and science, and I hope to pursue a second major in one of those two fields! I am a dog-mom of a sweet, wimpy, 100 lb dog named Daisy, who has been in my life for the past four years. My day would not be complete without her running into me and knocking me over with a big, goofy grin on her face! 

Joining The Habitat as an instructor is such an exciting opportunity for me to share my endless love for dance. I started dancing at the age of three, taking recreational classes in a variety of styles. At the age of ten, I began dancing competitively, which created a passion for performing and perfecting my dance technique. I then added extra ballet training alongside competing at the age of eleven, and there was no turning back! 

Each form of dance is unique, and holds a special place in my heart. However, my true love of dance traces back to the art form’s roots: ballet. There is always something to perfect and improve upon in ballet, so of course I have gravitated towards this style seeing as I am a perfectionist. With that being said, my training is very important to me. I have immersed myself in many different environments and training techniques over the years, exploring what others have to offer, and adding these ideas to my “toolbox” of knowledge. I was able to continue this process with the privilege of attending the Grand Rapids Ballet Summer Intensive this past summer and the Joffrey Ballet School Summer Intensive on scholarship two summers in a row. I was also cast in my dream role as the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker my senior year of high school. All three experiences have been instrumental in my development as a technician, artist, and overall dancer! The discipline of ballet carries over to not just clean technique and poise in other dance styles, but most aspects of life as well. Ballet has taught me respect, patience, character, how to work hard, and of course, correct posture. I am excited to implement these life lessons into my classes at The Habitat, allowing young dancers to appreciate the gift of ballet. 

I have discovered that the most fulfilling aspect of dance is sharing my passion for it. Beginning at the age of fourteen, I was an assistant dance instructor at my home studio until my graduation from high school. Watching students achieve their goals, and aiding them in that process is incredible. I believe inspiration plays a key role in the development of a dancer. Those who have inspired me the most are the individuals with whom I have a strong connection. I am ready to create this connection and be inspired by each student at The Habitat every day. Hard work is a core value of mine, and I believe that an individual who is willing to work hard has limitless opportunities to succeed. The Habitat will be the perfect environment for us to make this a reality, as a family. I am ready and excited to help students grow into the beautiful dancers they have the potential to become.




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