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Take your dancing to the NEXT LEVEL 



and QUALIFIED instructors 


BELONG to the Habitat family!

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dance studio


dance studio


PAC dancers train at a high level by motivated instructors that are passionate and qualified in their field.


Instructors expect hard work from the dancers, and the dancers can expect both feedback and support from the instructors.


PAC dancers train in all genres, including ballet, jazz progressions, hip hop, acro, contemporary, conditioning/stretch, pointe, student choreography, as well as many other styles.

PAC dancers are at the studio 4 to 6 days a week during in-season training.

For info on joining The PAC, please email!


The Peanuts

The Peanut program is an introduction to competitive dance for 5-8 year olds!


The classes are fun, challenging, and help the dancers grow their love and knowledge of dance and proper technique.


Peanuts are trained in multiple styles by passionate and qualified instructors. Peanuts are cherished and celebrated by our older dancers.


Our Season IV Peanuts will take class 2-3 days a week, and will learn 1-2 competitive dances, performing multiple times throughout the season!

For info on joining The Peanuts, please email!


No! There are not auditions held for our competitive company. Why?


The Habitat believes that if a dancer is willing to commit to the hours and show up ready to work their hardest everyday, they can grow and thrive under the training of Erica and the qualified staff.

At The Habitat, we believe growth happens when you feel your most self. The Habitat was created to give dancers just that. A place to BE themselves, and BELONG to a supportive community, all while BECOMING the best dancer they can be.

In our competitive program, we prioritize a healthy environment first, and exquisite training at a close second. Winning at competition is fun, but not a symbol of worth around here. We compete to learn, to grow, and to be inspired. What happens in the studio walls is far more magical than any trophy or ribbon.

The Habitat has only ONE requirement for dancers to be a part of The PAC. You must be a hard working dancer and a kind human. We take our culture seriously, and have created a beautiful environment where our dancers feel supported to be themselves, and encouraged to be the best dancer they can be!

be you. be us. BELONG.

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