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Our Philosophy





  1. the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism.

Habitat. A place where something naturally thrives. Where it is meant to be. Where it belongs. As humans, we search high and low for the place we feel we 'belong'. As dancers, it's imperative to growth. 

A sense of 'belonging' creates a humble confidence. A trust in yourself and the others that exist with you. Dancers can train their bodies anywhere, but true growth happens in your soul. Growth happens when you feel your most self. The Habitat was created to give dancers just that. A place to BE themselves, and BELONG to a supportive community, all while BECOMING the best dancer they can be.

At The Habitat, we prioritize a healthy environment first, and exquisite training at a close second. Winning at competition is fun, but not a symbol worth around here. We compete to learn, to grow, and to be inspired. 

At The Habitat, technique is our roots and creativity is our wings. Training is our focus and competing is our play. Bonding is our food - self expression our water. The Habitat is our place to thrive and belong.


Habitat's Founder

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