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Hello everyone! My name is Devon Burchfield and here is a little about me!

I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado where I grew up in the competitive dance studio scene. But I didn’t start there, originally I was a gymnast. At the age of 8, and after five years of balancing dance and gymnastics, I decided that dance had my heart and decided to focus my time there. 

In high school I trained directly under my teachers and strived to know everything about teaching. I took my passion of dance to Western Michigan University to study Dance. After two years of learning a vast amount and growing I decided that I had another passion I wanted to pursue. Now I am pursuing a Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in dance and couldn’t be more excited for life after college. I am four years into college but won’t graduate until 2021. 


In 2016 I earned a spot on the WMU Dance Team and am now on my fourth and final year. We have competed at the national level for three years and have grown to be a prominent figure in the community. At the NDA camps we attend I have been honored to receive special recognition by being awarded the National Dance Alliance All-American Award two years in a row. Last October I had the opportunity to teach at the IHSDTA dance conference where I taught alongside other dance team representatives from University of Louisville and the University of Iowa. 


This past summer I spent time back at my home studio finding my passion in teaching. It was then that I discovered my true style and personality. I believe that you must create a safe space for creativity to thrive. But also structure and details matter in order to create art that can be understood. With all of this, I am still a student and will forever be learning and evolving into who I am supposed to be. I cannot wait to work with everyone at the Habitat because it is so welcoming and is safe for exploration in many aspects!




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