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Hey everyone, my name is Kara Applegate and I am so excited to come on this journey with you. Sharing my love for dancing, expression through movement, adaptability, and togetherness (all that the Habitat encompasses) is a dream come true. But before I get too ahead of myself let me tell you a little about who I am.


I was born in Miami Florida but raised right here in Kalamazoo Michigan. Graduating from Mattawan Highschool, and attending Western Michigan University. Where I will graduate with a bachelor's in Child and Family Development and a minor in Holistic Health in December 2019!


With my background in early childhood, I fell in love with the research behind the effects of trauma, which lead me to go for my masters in social work for the fall of 2020.  


I have been dancing since before I could remember, always loving the environment and the outlet it gave me. I found my love of teaching the younger generation when I was still young myself, coaching skiing in the winter, which soon evolved into teaching dance and instilling the same love and passion I feel with those around me.


My early childhood background has given me the knowledge and ability to help young dancers grow and develop through dance, expression, and even the five developmental areas (cognitive, social and emotional, speech and language, fine motor, and gross motor skills).


I can not wait to meet you and share my passion and love for this amazing art!




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