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Hello, everyone! I’m Ellianna Eichinger.


I’ve been dancing ever since I’ve been able to and it’s been the biggest constant in my life, hands down. I’ve been training in various styles since I was 4 and joined a competitive team at 9. When I was 14 I met Erica, and under her training I truly began to feel confident and willing to pursue my dreams of creating a career out of what I love most. To say I’m excited to share my passion and help these individuals learn and grow is an understatement.    


After high school, I packed my life away a little after I turned 18 and moved out to Nevada to continue my training to be a professional dancer at Theater Arts Preparatory School. I acquired new (and helpful) skills such as singing, acting, and even aerial work. I made incredible connections with the industry working with teachers, choreographers, and working dancers every week. I experienced something you can’t find anywhere else and the knowledge I gained was more than I could imagine.


I’m now 20 years old and currently residing in Kalamazoo with my lovely, long-term girlfriend, Lauren and our three pups; Maverick, Goose, and Gracie. I spend my most of my time as a part time barista at Starbucks and auditioning (and now working at The Habitat!!). When I’m free, I enjoy dancing, being outside, making art, cooking/baking, and surrounding myself with people I love.


Lastly, I can’t stress enough how much I believe in everything The Habitat stands for. A safe place to thrive as an individual and a welcoming space to grow as a team. Every time I get to be around these special people I feel utterly inspired, as a dancer and as a person. I remember my senior year during a mock audition Erica ran during her class, she prompted me with, “What is something you never want to stop doing?” I thought for a few seconds and responded, “I never want to stop learning.” I meant it in that moment just as much as I do now, it became a mantra for me over the years that I hope to instill in you all as well. As much as I can’t wait to teach you all, I cannot wait to learn from you. 




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