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Hi! I’m Catera Burgess, but everyone calls me Cat for short. A few things about me; I am originally from Southfield, Michigan and my favorite color is sapphire blue. I enjoy reading books, and most of all, I LOVE DANCING!


I started off dancing when I was a little 4 year old peanut. I fell in love with my first ballet class. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to study all of the basic fundamentals of dance. I also performed on the varsity poms team in high school. But my favorite style overall, would be hip-hop. I’ve always had a passion for hard-hitting movement and finding the soft sides in between.


I’m currently a BFA Dance Major at Western Michigan University, and I also perform with a hip-hop group on campus. When I am home from school, I teach at the dance studio I grew up in. I love sharing my passion with others because I take pride in what I do. I also take pride in seeing other dancers utilize what I offer and make it their own. That’s what dance is all about! It’s about being yourself and expressing yourself in your truest form. I could not think of a better way of doing that!




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